Wrong, But Useful: Episode 47 | Colin

In this month’s episode of Wrong, But Useful, we are joined by Special Guest Co-Host @jussumchick, who is Jo Sibley in real life. Colin’s audio is unusually hissy in this one, which is why it’s a little late; he apologises for both inconveniences.

We discuss:
Jo’s background and work with FMSP, and how she has jumped to incorrect conclusions about statistics.
Number of the podcast: $\ln^5(2)$, which is approximately 0.160003
Factris and Sumaze
Trial and Improvement, and numerical methods
New A-level syllabus, technology in teaching, new GCSEs, new Core Maths.
Maths in “real life” and…

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Collecting coupons | Colin

For all the grief I give @reflectivemaths on Wrong, But Useful, he does occasionally ask an interesting question.

In episode 45, he wondered how many packs of Lego cards one would need to acquire, on average, to complete the set of 140?1
A simpler case

Suppose, instead of 140 cards, there was a total of three to collect.

You start (obviously) with no cards. On average, you need to pick up a single card to make sure you have one card in your collection. By on average, I mean ‘every time’. The expected time (in cards) to go from 0 cards to 1 card is 1.

If you have one card, how long…

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I aten’t dead… | Paul

… in the words of Granny Weatherwax.

But a lot has happened to keep me from updating the site. The vague something I alluded to in the last post is not something I can speak much about after all, suffice to say it was unpleasant, and over now.

But amongst the changes are: bought a house, moved north, starting a new job tomorrow!

After nearly 13 years the London experiment is over. Welcome to the North. They have pie…

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Challenging IQ. | Eddie Playfair

Behavioural genetics; the clue to the difficulty is in the name. As with Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology before it, the squashing together of two very different levels of understanding into a single discipline creates a real problem. Genetics and psychology are both respectable fields of study with their different methodologies and evidence bases but they … Continue reading Challenging IQ.

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A teacher is an authoritative guide | Mike Tyler

I’ve done a spot of travelling in my time, but the most enjoyable trips I’ve made, the ones which have enriched me the most, have been those trips where I’ve had a knowledgeable guide. I’ve had a tour of the Vatican. I’ve been shown round Florence. I was even guided around Israel for a couple of weeks by a pastor and theologian from Nazareth. What a lot I learned!

He took us to the crusader Church of Saint Anne at Bethesda where we sang a hymn, because, he told us, the acoustics are superb. (They are. We drew a decent crowd. Of nuns.) We learnt the comic-tragic tale of the Immovable Ladder….

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NewVIc results 2017 | Eddie Playfair

Students and staff at Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc) are celebrating another year of improvement in A-level pass rates and top grades, all of which have continued to increase faster than nationally. NewVIc’s A-level pass rate is up 1% on last year at 98% and is the highest ever for the college. The proportion of … Continue reading NewVIc results 2017

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