How The Mathematical Pirate Integrates By Parts | Colin

The student sighed. “$\int x^3 e^{-2x} \dx$”, he said. “That’s going to be integration by parts. And it’s going to take three steps. What a pain.”

“Aharr!” swashbuckled the Mathematical Pirate. “That’s what you think!”

“It is what I think,” said the student, slightly bemused.

“Would you like to know…” The Mathematical Pirate sidled up closer “… the secret pirate method?”

“I dunno,” said the student. “Is it quicker?”

“Quicker?!” snorted the Mathematical Pirate. “Quicker than a schooner in a storm.”

“I presume that’s quick.”

“… yes.”

“OK, then, bring it.”

“You’re happy…

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