Preparing for Linear A level RS part 1 – decisions, decisions.

Chris Eyre on Teaching

Much has already been written on how to choose a new spec for A-level Religious Studies. See the excellent summaries by Candle conferencesand @MissAVECarterfor more depth. During this series of blogs I hope not only to spell out my spec choice but also to document the process of preparation and hopefully post some resources that may be of use to colleagues.

The first thing to say is that all of the exam boards have to some extent been hamstrung by Ofqual restrictions. Writing in on this in November for UKEdMagI noted that it was strange that at GCSE there was a requirement to study two faiths yet it was almost impossible to do that at A-level. This will mean some hard choices; for us as a college given the make up of our students, the choice between whether to specialise on Christianity or Islam as our faith…

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