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If you’ve read Live to dance, Dance to Live then you will know that this is the third installment of four little girls who became dancers. I met them in Paphos, Cyprus. This is Emily King.


Emily was born in Hull, East Yorkshire and twenty years ago her Mum took her to ballet classes. at the Rythm and Dreams Dance Centre  Her Mum thought it would be a fun way of socialising, little did they know what a huge part of Emily’s life dance would become. Emily attended classes three nights a week and Saturday mornings studying dance, ballet, tap & jazz technique through I.D.T.A…

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Daily Prompt: Omniscient eye | charliecountryboy

Englepip’s World

Your eye catches mine

And in an instant I am drawn

To your unblinking stare

Which digs deep into

My soul.

That eye drills

Into my very being

And holds me

To account.

Who could surmise

That such innocence

Was so omniscient.

I was travelling by bus when this child – no more than 18 months and sitting on its mother’s knee in front me, captured my attention, staring unblinking into my own eye. Seemingly the toddler could see my very thoughts. It was an eerie experience which I have remembered for years. I had to…

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Please Believe Them | charliecountryboy

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Things I have seen: blogging about real life

It took her all to do it.

Her very last shred of soul

Withered from the nightly act

Of betrayal.

But she finally told.

She didn’t want to bring her mother pain

Destroy her family

Cause his demise

As accused by her kin.

And the shame

And blame was

Heaped upon her

Like burning rain from heaven.

She didn’t mean

For any of that to happen

She just wanted it

To stop.

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More To Do | charliecountryboy

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Journey of Reflections

If my pencil could permanently erase the stress,

in children and adults with no food in their guts,

no money for their needs,


by folks not hearing their pleads,

living in environment unsafe,

hindering life to succeed,

Using all the erasers in the World quickly, it would be erase

and replaced,

back on to the

Too privileged to feel obligated


witnessing the less fortunate struggling,

seeing small children faces starving,…

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Harotian Essentials

Good day readers

Each Friday, I would like to share with you a funny joke, story, or something I just find super hilarious and I hope you find it hilarious as well. This is another goal that I’m adding to my list. Please check out my previous blog post, Blogging With Depression about how if you’re struggling with an illness or depression/anxiety, how you should take it slow especially when adding goals. Right now I feel pretty good about accomplishing the goals that I have set thus far, so I have decided to…

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Solitude and stealth (It’s not for everyone.) | charliecountryboy

Here’s a really interesting chap, who I know some of you will enjoy


Location: Somewhere near Mt.Gretna

Time: 10:40 pm

Temp: 23°

Condition: Cozy

The one thing I kept from my 1977 bus was the rear window curtain that a friend’s mother sewed for me from this crazy floral fabric. It suits Zenbug just fine! I cut some cardboard to fit in the side windows and covered them with fabric – keeps out prying eyes. Add a string of battery powered lights and things are nice and cozy!

Anyone who has slept in a vehicle knows that ventilation is key. In cold weather –…

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